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The business of Villanova 4 Oil Corp. is to create sustainable and profitable per share growth in the oil and natural gas industry in Saskatchewan. The Company will pursue an integrated growth strategy involving growth through the "drill bit", supplemented by opportunistic acquisitions. V4's undeveloped land inventory is derived from a combination of land acquisitions, farmins and joint venture participation agreements. The Company pursues both medium depth (1,000 to 1,500 m) Mississippian reservoirs and deeper Bakken reservoirs in Southeast Saskatchewan.

V4’s business strategy is summarized as follows:

  • identify and access undeveloped land that has the potential for light/
    medium gravity oil;
  • create internally generated geological and geophysical oil prospects;
  • develop a drilling portfolio of low to medium risk opportunities; and
  • operate prospects, when possible, to increase control over both the timing of operations and amount of expenditures.

V4’s Management Team and Directors have significant industry experience in producing areas throughout South East Saskatchewan. We have the capability to expand the scope of the Company's activities as opportunities arise. A key element of V4’s ultimate success is its continued ability to select opportunities that will promote value creation within the Company.

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