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Keystone Royalty Corp. currently owns interests in over 283,000 gross acres of fee mineral title in the Province of Saskatchewan, with an additional 32,000 gross acres in Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario.  The Company holds another 174,000 gross acres by way of either Gross overriding Royalties or Gross Royalty Trusts. In addition, Keystone Royalty Corp. holds a royalty interest in another 63,500 acres of Helium Permits.

Approximately 18.5% of Keystone fee lands were producing at year ended December 31, 2020.

The current Keystone land base is well diversified, with extensive lands throughout the conventional Mississippian production areas and the Bakken play.

Land Position

Keystone currently holds approximately 315,000 gross acres (130,000 net acres) of fee mineral title.  Given that the true value of Keystone land inventory is only fully realized once the lands are developed, we continue to focus on and execute development opportunities.

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Keystone's Royalty and Title Acquisitions

Keystone Royalty Corp. is one of the most active fee mineral and royalty purchasers in Saskatchewan.

Keystone has the expertise to quickly evaluate, and the financial strength to execute, on both large and small acquisitions of producing and non-producing mineral properties.

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