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Keystone Royalty Corp.

Keystone Royalty Corp. is a Saskatchewan based privately-held, land and royalty company.  The Company was incorporated in 1949 as Keystone Petroleums Ltd. and until 2002 was headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.  Keystone Petroleums Ltd. was acquired by Keystone Energy Inc. in February 2002.  In December 2006, the Company changed its name from Keystone Petroleums Ltd. to the current name.

Keystone currently holds interests in over 241,000 acres of fee title, and non-title interests in another 69,000 acres of land.  The Company’s business model is based on the following core principles:

  • Pursue synergistic fee title and/or royalty acquisitions to complement its organic growth;
  • Actively seek and encourage development of its lands, both with third party exploration companies and through our relationship with Villanova; and
  • Acquire strategic equity investments in other high-growth oriented energy companies.

Apart from certain senior management personnel, most technical and administrative functions are provided by Villanova 4 Oil Corp., a related company.

Support for the Community

Keystone supports the community by donating to various registered charities and not-for-profit organizations. We are especially pleased to support the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan and other local organizations who address the needs of families in Saskatchewan.

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